Our Mission Statement

Helping athletes become better people through competition and education.

Welcome to the Method 4 Life Academy:

On behalf of all of us at M4LA, we thank you for taking the time to look us up and see what M4LA is all about. We understand that choosing a winter coaching program suitable for your athlete is a tough process and one that should not be taken lightly. We encourage you to take the time to explore our website and know what M4LA offers, who M4LA is, and what M4LA is all about.

Method 4 Life offers a line of coaching programs designed to support and inspire all levels of competitive snowboarders. From first time athletes, through Olympic hopefuls, from one day a week kids to full time athletes we are proud to provide coaching options for snowboarders at all stages of their development.

What Our Shredders Say?

Ayumu Hirano
“Method4Life coaching helps get me closer to my dream.  They understand me and coach in a way that's most beneficial for my style”
Ayumu Hirano
Silver Olympic Medal, Sochi 2014
Nathan Johnstone
“Really stoked to be working with Method4Life Academy this season. There coaching staff has a stellar track record with producing Olympic and X-Games Gold medalists across Pipe and Slopestyle. Riding with a mixture of international riders from countries such as USA, Japan and Canada has been great for my riding and really enjoyable”
Nathan Johnstone
World Champion, 2011

Kaitlyn Farrington
“Over the past couple years I have gotten to work with Elijah and Boydy as my coaches, I feel like we always made sure it was FUN on the mountain but in the end would get sh*t done! Its been a blast being able to work with them and can't wait for the seasons to come!”
Kaitlyn Farrington
Gold Olympic Medal, Sochi 2014
Kazu Kokubo
“At first, I wasn't sure about having a snowboard coach but Ben and Elijah's coaching style allows every rider to be unique. You can't have an average mindset to understand their methods”
Kazu Kokubo
Pro Halfpipe, Slope-style & Backcountry rider

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Our Coaching Values


The approach is not being attached to the results but being driven from within to always want to become better for the love of snowboarding.


You will do great if you love what you do, this makes a self-fulfilling work environment where to be the best is a fundamental to a realizable outcome.


Believe in yourself when attempting a new maneuver, success is way easier and more fulfilling with the right support group.


If you love it, dream about it and enjoy working as hard as you are able on it then you will be successful at whatever you do.


It is not one contest or trick that makes a snowboarder who they are but the whole career that an athlete has that defines them.

Mental Preparation

When it comes to competition 60-70% of the contest is mental preparation. We encourage you to try different techniques to be grounded and ready to learn.

Get ready with us for the next Winter Olympics and beyond!

We know our athletes have the passion, commitment, and dedication to make it happen.

Our World Class Coaching Services

We offer an unique program that truly puts the athletes first.
While we are a competition-focused group of coaches and athletes, our program is different because we offer an athletic based educational program, along with year round training opportunities.

These opportunities allow athletes to explore more of the snowboard industry as well as aid and sustain the building of professional careers.
Athletes are arranged into coaching groups based on experience, ability, age and competitive goals. We strive to build groups that are progressive, safe and fun for each athlete. A positive team dynamic is essential for maximizing positive athlete experiences as well as achieving top performances. With this in mind, we keep athletes and coaches together with their group as much as possible within the demands of the competition schedule.

Our Goals
• Athletic growth • Respected within the community • Mutually beneficial partnerships • Sound elite athletic pipelines • Affordable elite programs

Coach Grom, Emerging and Pro athletes
A La Carte Private Coaching
Run commercial camps
Provide scholarship help for all athletes
Diversity opportunities for minorities and females
Volunteering within the action sports community
Corporate Team Building
Public speaking

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