About Us

Our Coaches:

Our certified and experienced coaches guide which helps create goals and expectations for the competition season through individual interviews and group discussions. We know there’s more to snowboarding than just physical riding abilities. We incorporate softer often overlooked concepts like mental focus, confidence, respect for others, goal setting, daily, weekly, yearly planning, execution, and communication.
We bring industry knowledge in too compliment our competition preparation and learning. From video, photography and sponsor networking too fundamental, skill blending attitudes. The founders of Method 4 Life Academy have a holistic and well-rounded approach to snowboarding and snowboard competition. Our goal is to pass on the positive things snowboarding has done for us in all aspects of our lives – to the kids!

Meet our Team

This is our unique and committed team who works together to bring you the best in coaching services.

Ben Boyd
Co-Executive Director

Elijah Teter
Co-Executive Director

Roxi Arguedas
Creative, Marketing & Digital Artist

Shamya Ullah
Trustee, Chairman

Dr. Noel Lozares
Director of Sports Science & Rehabilitation

Carl Harris


RFLA is a 501c3 not for profit organization formed by Olympic Gold Medal coaches Ben Boyd and Elijah Teter as a way of providing snowboarders a world class program with access to scholarship and financial help that allows riders to follow their dreams.
Ben and Elijah were 2 of the founding partners of Shred Excel, as well as spending extensive time working at Ski & Snowboard Club Vail where they were both were recognized as US Domestic Coach of the Year. During their time with both of these programs, they saw a need at the highest end for snowboarders looking to achieve world class results. With a shrinking snowboard market, a growing competition schedule and travel costs, great riders of all ages were being forced out of the sport early. Ben and Elijah wanted to devise a program that would provide an avenue for riders to stay involved, and succeeding in their sport of passion.
Ride for Life Snowboard Academy is THAT program. With a philosophy of being great stewards for the sport of snowboarding in the community, Ben and Elijah are excited to extend opportunities thru Ride for Life Snowboard Academy for all those deserving riders.