Our World Class Snowboarding Programs

We are passionate about our new program, and will provide all our athletes need to reach their personal and professional goals, as well as provide partnerships and training opportunities that will be unique and athletically positive.

Micros: December 8, 2018 - March 23, 2019
Single day a week program, Saturdays at Breckenridge Ski Resort.
This is our introductory program that brings our younger riders into the STOKE of snowboarding. Riders will learn foundation skills, with a major focus on free riding and an introduction to the disciplines of slopestyle, halfpipe, boardercross, as well as concepts of racing. This is a FUN based program that gives our riders the skills they need to be ready for their first competitions. The aim of this program is to have kids do their first competition in a USASA event or a locally hosted event.
If you are looking to have your child learn great basic skills in a fun environment, this introductory program is for you.

Shredders: November 17, 2018 - March 23, 2019
Single day a week program, Saturdays.
The Shredders Program is all about fun and fundamentals. In this one day a week program, athletes explore the technical riding foundations of competitive snowboarding. Their foundation will be based in skills developed across the entire mountain; from terrain park and halfpipe to steeps and trees.
Athletes will be introduced to the six disciplines of competitive snowboarding Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Snowboardcross, Big Mountain, Slalom, and Giant Slalom. Coaches will help athletes apply their fundamental riding skills to each of these disciplines. “Shredders” athletes will compete at USASA sanctioned events during the season, gaining more competition experience in a safe, fun environment.

Weekenders: November 17, 2018 - March 23, 2019
Two Day/Week Program, Saturdays and Sundays.
For the passionate snowboarder desiring more time on hill, we offer a popular Saturday-Sunday “Weekenders” Program. With twice the coaching days as the “Shredders” Program, “Weekender” athletes will gain the guided repetition needed to achieve a higher level of performance and mastery in their riding. Athletes will work with their coach to establish individualized short and long-term goals. These goals help to determine the content of daily training, as well as motivate athletes to find the love in progression. There is no better feeling than having fun, working hard and adding new tricks to your snowboarding. In general, athletes compete in a full series of USASA competitions, often in several disciplines.

Method Squad: November 16, 2018 - March 23, 2019
Three day a week program, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Our Method Squad Program is designed to provide experienced athletes with the benefits of additional training days during the demanding competition season. More specifically, athletes will have the opportunity to train every Friday before competition weekends, enabling them to practice throughout all phases of the season.
Progression is the focus of Method Squad, as athletes begin to invest more time towards their snowboarding goals and dreams. Athletes in this group will invest additional time in their physical fitness, gymnastic abilities, and mental strength. Method Squad blends the fun and fundamentals of Shredders and Weekenders with an additional day of highly focused training.

Emerging Athlete: November 12, 2018 - April 12, 2019
Tuesday through Saturday, plus contests.
Emerging athletes exists to push athletes towards their greatest snowboarding potential while giving experience to qualify for higher level events. This full-time program attends Regional and National competitions, including Revolution Tour.
Training days are extremely individualized in their focus, as coaches support athletes to prepare for their individual goals. The performance outcome of Emerging Athlete is the development of riding consistency and efficiency at the greatest intensity possible. Concentration will be given to advanced riding and competition skills, tactics and an introduction to athletic peaking and athletic plan building in regards to slopestyle and halfpipe. Extensive video work is incorporated in Emerging Athlete trainings, as athletes begin to self-correct and refine their individual style.

Emerging Pro: November 12, 2018 - April 12, 2019
Tuesday through Saturday, plus contests.
Our most elite program, designed for those halfpipe and slopestyle riders that are dedicated professional riders and are looking for the best coaching and servicing to take them to the top of their sport. This is a year round program, and provides dedicated focus to each and every athlete. Working on mastery of advanced riding, event specific tactical and technical skills. This full-time program attends National and International competitions, including Revolution Tour, World Snowboard Tour, and World Cup events.

Additional Days
We do offer extra training days for athletes that would like more time with their coach. A great time for this is going to be before a contest or if an athlete is close to landing a new trick and wants another day of focused training to learn it and add it into their snowboard bag of skills. It can also be as simple as just wanting to get some more time on your snowboard to help you feel more comfortable and in that making it easier to achieve goals.

  • $1,350/10 coaching days
  • Riding all disciplines
  • Fundamental skills developed through adventure and exploring the mountain
  • 70%-90% Freeriding
  • 10 coaching days
  • 20-30 days a season riding
  • Introduction to competition - Light local Competitions up to first USASA Regional Event
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  • $1,750/16 coaching days
  • Riding all disciplines
  • Refining basic skills and introducing advanced skills
  • 60%-80% Freeriding
  • 16 coaching days
  • 30-40 days a season riding
  • Light Local Competitions and USASA Regional Events
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  • $3,150/32 coaching days
  • Riding all disciplines
  • Refining advanced skills and introducing discipline specific skills and tactics
  • 50%-70% Freeriding
  • 32 coaching days
  • 40-60 days a season riding
  • USASA Regional Events through Nationals
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  • $4,750/48 coaching days
  • Becoming discipline specific
  • Building tactical and technical skills, working on maximizing performance
  • 40%-60% Freeriding
  • 48 coaching days
  • 60-80 days a season riding
  • USASA Regionals/ Nationals through First USSA Rev Tour
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  • $7,250/90 coaching days
  • Discipline specific
  • Mastering advanced tactical skills, specific to discipline
  • 30%-50% Freeriding
  • 90 coaching days
  • 120-150 days a season riding
  • USASA Regionals/ Nationals and USSA Rev Tour
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  • $11,500/110 coaching days
  • Discipline specific
  • Discipline/Event tactical and technical skill mastery
  • 30%-50% Freeriding
  • 110 coaching days
  • 150-200 days a season riding
  • USSA Rev Tour through National and International Events
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  • $120/day
  • Needs to be communicated and approved by direct coach and High Performance Directors.
  • We do offer extra training days for athletes that would like more time with their coach.
  • Also available for new athletes wanting to come and Join up with Method 4 Life for some riding days.
  • * Add-on coaching days for Non-Method Athlete's: $200/day
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Our Athletes Say

  • “Really stoked to be working with Method4Life Academy this season. There coaching staff has a stellar track record with producing Olympic and X-Games Gold medalists across Pipe and Slopestyle. Riding with a mixture of international riders from countries such as USA, Japan and Canada has been great for my riding and really enjoyable”
    Nathan Johnstone
    World Champion, 2011
  • “Over the past couple years I have gotten to work with Boydy as my coach, I feel like we always made sure it was FUN on the mountain but in the end would get sh*t done! Its been a blast being able to work with them and can't wait for the seasons to come!”
    Kaitlyn Farrington
    Gold Olympic Medal, Sochi 2014

Expectations & Coaching Focus


World Class foundation skills are consistently demonstrated and skill development compounded over a four year period. Increase the technicality and complexity of tricks – focusing on new tricks and amplitude.


Equal comfort spinning all 4 ways at World Class Level. Creativity and Innovative approach to development of tricks by athlete and coaches is a requirement.


Speed of Drop, Angle and board pressure riding the walls, Body Position, Hitting Vert, Pumping the Transition, Edge Control, Timing.

Competitive Mentality

Athlete is able to execute to World Class Level under any conditions. Performance under pressure. Tactics i.e. unconsciously competent on event day. Sound decision-making. A competitive mentality is encouraged as long as it is rooted in the base of having fun and doing what you love.


Athletes must demonstrate enormous self-belief within a competitive environment. Athletes have done their run so many times in training that they are able to go on auto pilot and let their bodies and muscles go off of memory. Some sort of visualization technique has been incorporated into daily routine.

Strength and Conditioning

Athletes will be in charge of their conditioning in the season and summer time, a coach will give recommendation to dry land maintenance and come in periodically to check in on athletes. There are many ways to have good physical fitness like: the gym, skateboarding, roller Boards, trampoline, stretch and meditation.