Volunteer & Community

Volunteer Opportunities

Be a chef for an afternoon

Good food with some classic snowboard movies, videos from the season thus far and the search for the new trick that has yet to be seen.  Our group will do the dishes!

Join in with our waxing crew

Further your knowledge about edging and waxing tactics that will get you rolling smooth as butter!

Grom mentor

Athlete and Grom mentor and ride days, all athletes are welcome to come join in and ride with the next generation of snowboarders, that is if you like being stoked on everything in Life.

Host an athlete at your home

Learn about our program through the mouths of athletes that work with us, always fun a bit of different cultures as well.


Is always welcome!

Fundraising assistance

Aid in our fundraising endeavors.

Bring your special talents

Bring into RFLA your special talents and services

Athlete families collaboration

Athlete families required to lend a hand to the organization for 7 days a season

Ride with our Crew!

We will have days throughout the year that are free for snowboarders to come and ride with our crew, everyone is welcome, coaches can bring there riders and together we can all push for the same goal of having fun and progressing.

Share your Wisdom & Creativity

Join in with our coaches to talk about and bring knowledge to the roots of snowboarding, and why style/creativity  are so important to keep in the evolution of snowboarding.


The Snowboard community is really pretty small in the grand scheme of it all, everyone knows or has heard of everyone in the industry.  Bringing together the love of snowboarding with no separation between different crews on the hill.  We want to see success for everyone who straps into there snowboard and the constant learning from one another that happens on a daily basis.   

We are looking to partner with like minded groups around the world who share a similar vision. Lending a hand to each other and helping each other grow in the greatest ways. We can use each others expertise, and be role models for one another and the whole snowboard community.